How to Increase Rental Income: Gain 20% by Decorating the Right Way

remodel to increase rental income

Wondering how to increase your rental income? Believe it or not, sometimes all it takes is a simple home makeover. While major remodels are great, they are not the only solution. Beautiful interior design for Dublin properties is crucial. In fact, even a newly remodeled home can lack those essential touches that turn a house into a home. When it comes to getting the best price for your property, decor is critical. To maximise your investment, you need to learn a few cost effective tricks for creating a stylish and elegant space.

To get inspired, have a look at some incredible examples of how we transformed one client’s space in a single afternoon on a limited budget. The profits on this property increased by 20 per cent and, using these same simple solutions, you can increase rental income on your space.

Ready to bring out the true potential of your property? Here is our ultimate guide on how to increase rental income by doing home renovation on your Dublin property.

Create a Five-Star Bedroom Escape

Having a lovely bedroom can make or break a property, especially when you have a short-term rental property. The right interior design in your Dublin property will make you stand out amongst the crowd. One of your top goals is to create a luxurious bedroom space. Detail is key to designing a cosy and inviting bedroom. Keep in mind that the best way to increase your rental income is to make the space feel expensive without spending a lot. While home renovation in Dublin can be pricey, redecorating a bedroom can be inexpensive and simple– if you know the right tricks!

The bedroom is a great place to play with textures. Using a range of different fabric types will add interest and create a picture perfect look. Just by folding the bath towel and rolling the hand towel, you can create dimension for a more refined look. When you are putting everything in place, spend a few extra minutes perfecting the details. Wrinkled linens and untucked corners are the fastest way to downgrade your space from luxury getaway to budget motel. In our case study of interior design in a Dublin space, we simply added four throw pillows and an extra blanket to create to a more inviting space.

Design a Five Star Dining Room

Another simple and inexpensive trick for affordable interior design in Dublin is setting the table. Once again, playing with dimensions is key. You have probably already noticed that when you go out for dinner, there is a correlation between the price of the meal and the amount of cutlery and dishes on the table. You can easily recreate this upscale look at home. Dining sets don’t have to be expensive to make your dining room look elegant. In fact, simple is typically best. To create a five star style, lay down a dinner plate then stack a salad plate on top of it. Pair a small glass with a wine glass and set out all of the cutlery. A fully set dining space will create a lavish but lived-in look.

If you are strategic in your approach, a small home renovation in your Dublin space can do a lot to increase your rental income. Small but important changes can be as inexpensive as a few euros. The dining area is an ideal location to add in a pop of colour with flowers. Your best option is cut flowers that stay fresh for a long time. Chrysanthemums (also known as mums or chrysanths) can last for up to a month while carnations will stay fresh for three weeks if you change the water regularly.


Add Smart Touches

As you are looking at options for interior design in a Dublin property, be strategic. Space comes at a high premium here so you want to make the most of every square meter. Lighting and mirrors are powerful tools.  Adding lamps and changing old light fixtures will quickly upgrade your space. To increase your rental income with a minimal investment, look toward Asian-inspired paper and bamboo lighting options. They will make your space look modern and trendy. While they may seem fragile, which is typically something you’d avoid in a rental property, it isn’t an issue with lighting. Particularly when it comes to overhead lighting, there is practically no wear and tear so don’t shy away from more delicate materials.

And forget about using mirrors only for checking your hair! Smart landlords use mirrors to maximise every element of their rental property. Mirrors are perfect for making small spaces feel bigger. If you position them strategically to reflect your light fixtures and windows, you will make the space feel brighter and bigger. Little tricks like these can make all of the difference when it comes to making people view your house as a home. When people feel like they are in a high end property, they are willing to pay more.

Take a close look at how we placed the lighting and mirrors in our client’s property during our interior design at the Dublin property. Every mirror and lighting element was chosen and placed in its particular location for a reason. Each mirror reflects light. A floor lamp was positioned near the window to create the illusion of more natural light. A unique lamp was added in front of the mantel to distract from an out of use fireplace while creating a more modern feel. Inexpensive mirrors placed throughout the living room reflect a stylish but low cost lighting fixture, while also serving to make a small space look bigger.

Making It Work for You

So, how do you take these ideas and make them work for you to increase your rental income with interior design on your Dublin property? While it is great to take a DIY approach sometimes you need a bit of help. Having a fresh pair of eyes come into your property can help to bring out the charming characteristic of your property that may be hidden at the moment. That is why at Host Ready we offer a personal consultation service in the Dublin area to help you identify everything that you need to maximise your potential.

By popular demand, we are now introducing a new service for interior design in Dublin. We have heard from so many clients who are looking for a professional design consultation and home renovation on their Dublin properties in order to appeal more to potential guests and tenants. We are thrilled to now be able to help them by offering an incredible team of consultants for interior design in Dublin.

Whether you don’t have time or simply feel like you lack that eye for design, we can help! Contact us today to increase the rental income on your property. We will create a stylish and modern design then bring in a professional photographer to make your space the most in-demand property in the neighbourhood.

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